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Building Trades Pre-Apprenticeship

A pre-apprenticeship offers a solid stepping stone into the building industry. Candidates learn fundamental skills in carpentry, electrical, HVAC, plumbing, masonry, and building trades technology.

What is a Building Trades Pre-Apprenticeship?

Have you heard of apprenticeship programs? They’re like hands-on, learn-as-you-go training that prepares you for a skilled trade career. But guess what? High school students interested in learning more about a career in the building trades can get a head start and potentially increase their chances of getting into an apprenticeship program through a pre-apprenticeship program.

A building trades pre-apprenticeship program is your ticket to checking out a potential career in construction, picking up some job-ready skills, and, most importantly, getting a foot in the door for an actual apprenticeship program. It’s like the ultimate building trades career sneak peek! Because a building trades pre-apprenticeship offers a range of construction industry training, it can help you make better, more informed decisions about what specific area you might be interested in pursuing!

Pennsylvania State Registered Pre-Apprenticeship Program

The Building Trades Pre-Apprenticeship is registered through the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry’s Apprenticeship and Training Office (ATO).

Exploring a Future Career

Benefits of a

Building Trades Pre-Apprenticeship

Check out these awesome perks of pre-apprenticeships for high school students:

Skills Boost

Get ready to dive into hands-on training that’ll level up your skills and boost your confidence!

Industry Insights

You’ll get the lowdown on what the industry’s all about, what it expects from you, and that’ll help you make smart choices about your future career.

Job Opportunities

Completing a pre-apprenticeship is like having a golden ticket to an apprenticeship. Employers love folks who already know the basics.

Build Your Network

Get ready to meet pros and potential employers who can open doors for you. Your contacts in the industry are about to multiply!

Shortcut to Success

With a strong foundation from your pre-apprenticeship, you could speed through your apprenticeship and become a skilled pro in no time.

Personal Growth

Pre-apprenticeships are like a crash course in discipline and a killer work ethic. These skills are like superpowers for your career!

Explore Your Interests

You’ll get to dabble in different parts of the trade so you can figure out what gets you really excited for your future specialization.

York County Building Trades Pre-Apprenticeship

In partnership with the York County Alliance for Learning (YCAL), YBA’s Workforce NOW Foundation developed the building trades pre-apprenticeship program to help rebuild the skilled trades workforce in York County and offer future construction professionals the opportunity to build their skill sets and gain first-hand experience before joining the workforce.

Eligibility Requirements:

11th & 12th Grade Students

YCAL Partner Schools

Ready to rock your pre-apprenticeship journey?

Preparing the Next Generation

HBI PACT Curriculum (Home Builders Institute)

HBI’s patented Pre-Apprenticeship Certificate Training (PACT) curriculum is nationally recognized and patented. HBI’s PACT approach provides every student with the knowledge needed to be employed in an entry-level job in the building industry. The PACT curriculum integrates contextual, work-based learning with vocational and academic skills training in the classroom.

Guided by Experts

Meet the Instructors

Students will learn in both a classroom environment as well as hands-on labs in carpentry, electrical, HVAC, plumbing, masonry, and building trade technology from our skilled instructors.

Nick Sabold

I graduated from the carpentry program at York Tech in 1998. I have over 25 years of experience in the construction trades through owning my own construction/remodeling business. I have been an active member of the York Builders Association for many years and had the opportunity in 2020 to be the President of the Board of Directors for YBA. As President, I helped the Workforce Now Committee create opportunities for young people in the trades. In November of 2020, I was offered a chance to give back to my trade and become a teacher at York Tech. I teach Construction Trades at York Tech and enjoy giving back to my trade and seeing my students grow. I’m looking forward to being an instructor in the pre-apprenticeship program to bring even more students into the trades and see them grow into young professional tradespeople.

Joe Miller

I was working in a factory and unhappy when a friend invited me to work with them building new houses; after one weekend, I was hooked. I have been building and remodeling for the past 30 years. I currently own my own remodeling company, specializing in kitchens, bathrooms, and basements. I am the Vice President of the York Builders Association Board of Directors and will be Board President starting in January 2024. I got involved with the Workforce NOW Foundation last year and was one of the member volunteers who helped plan and implement the training sessions for the pre-apprenticeship. I am passionate about the building trades and want to help introduce the trades to young individuals and let them know that there are great opportunities and the joy I have had the last 30 years.

Training Pathways Learning Objectives

Pre-Apprenticeship students participate in training (both classroom and hands-on) one day each month during the program. Objectives for pre-apprenticeship students in the program include:

10-Hour OSHA Certification – During the program, students complete a 10-hour OSHA Construction Safety Course and receive an OSHA Certification Car at the completion of the course.

PACT Core Curriculum – Pre-Apprenticeship students work to achieve the PACT Core Certificate by covering training in key areas, including safety, construction math, tools and construction materials, and employability skills.

Units of Focus – Pre-Apprenticeship students focus on these building trade skills: carpentry, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, masonry, and building trade technology skills.

State Certification – Pre-Apprenticeship students can earn a certificate from the PA Department of Labor and Industry through the Apprenticeship and Training Office for participating and completing a state-registered pre-apprenticeship program.

Connecting with Local Businesses in the Industry

As well as hands-on training and career exploration that can set you up for future success, another advantage of participating in a pre-apprenticeship program is the opportunity to build local industry connections.

Along with the Building Trades Pre-Apprenticeship instructors, participants interact with other members of the York Builders Association throughout the program. These connections can open doors to invaluable guidance and mentorship and offer insights into the industry that textbooks can’t provide. Through networking, students gain exposure to diverse perspectives, trends, and emerging technologies, all while establishing a support system of experienced building industry pros and potential future employers.

Pre-Apprenticeship Program Sponsors

Student Sponsors
Supporting Sponsors
Successful Completion

Articulation with James Craft & Son

The Building Trades Pre-Apprenticeship has an articulation agreement with James Craft & Son. Any student successfully completing the program may be eligible to apply up to 15 hours of their training towards one of three apprenticeship programs offered through James Craft and Son.

These programs include PLUMBER (0432) V1 Time-Based, ELECTRICIAN (Alternate Title: Interior Electrician) (0159) V1 Time-Based, Sheet Metal Worker (0510) V1 Time-Based.

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