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The YBA Workforce NOW website is one of York County’s primary resources for information about careers in the construction trades. Students, parents, educators & employers can find useful posts and the latest news on our blog.

2018 Construction Career Days a Success

Apr 25, 2018 | News

Over the last several months the York Builders Association’s (YBA) Workforce Committee put a lot of time and effort into planning our first Construction Career Days events, which took place on April 16 – 18. Outreach to schools and students is a major focus of our strategic plan. During a meeting with York County Economic Alliance, we were approached with the offer to take over their construction day program previously held in April 2017. It was a perfect fit for our new goals and objectives and the association’s Board of Directors approved the adoption of the program.

Seven area high schools and seven member companies participated in our inaugural Construction Career Days with over 80 students, counselors, and teachers participating.  Our overall goal for the program was to provide education and awareness to young individuals on the opportunities in the building trades industry for future careers.  The feedback from students and adults has been amazing.

Here is what some counselors and students had to say.

“Thank you again for organizing such a great day with Stewart & Tate!  The employees who participated did a wonderful job of providing the students with an overview of their jobs within the company.  I could tell that the students were really thinking about all the different opportunities the construction field provides.”

“I want to apply here after I graduate and i want to build my career here.”

“It opened my eyes to more options and how I like this type of field.”

“It really helped me find what I want to do when I graduate high school. I believe that I would want to work in this career path.”

The building industry has been facing a shortage of skilled workers for some time and the demand for qualified workers in the construction trades continues to grow. It’s a huge challenge, but through events like Construction Career Days, the York Builders Association hopes to be part of the solution. We are already making plans to grow Construction Career Days and other similar programs that will provide students with the resources they need to learn more about local career opportunities. Working together with local school districts, and our members and community partners, we can build a better future for our industry.

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